Wedding in Lavaux Switzerland – Top wedding venues

If you want to have your wedding in Lavaux Switzerland, this guide with top wedding venues will hopefully guide you in your planning process.

The UNESCO region of Lavaux is one of the most beautiful and well-known in Switzerland. With more than 800 hectares (1980 acres) of vineyards, it is the largest contiguous vineyard area in Switzerland. The terrace gives an incredible lookout of Lake Leman, the biggest lake in Europe, and is surrounded by the Swiss Mountains.

A Couple on their wedding day in Lavaux Switzerland
A couple on their wedding day, in Lavaux Switzerland

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Set high above Lake Geneva, the region of Lavaux is without a doubt one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland. Moreover, many tourists come here to experience the wine culture of Switzerland and enjoy a glass of wine on the beautiful natural terraces that are maintained by the wine growers. Lavaux is an ideal place to grow wine, thanks to the sun, the heat stored in the walls and the reverberation of the lake, giving the best conditions for healthy wineyards.

Here, you can enjoy tasteful Pinot Noir, Chasselas, and other excellent sorts of wine.


There are many venues available to host your wedding in Lavaux Switzerland. You can have your wedding in a cute typical winery house or in a nice hotel overlooking the lake. Whatever option you choose, you will enjoy the local wine and some excellent food made from local ingredients.


Lavaux has some amazing opportunities for your wedding portraits. First of all, the lake is an incredible backdrop that is seen nowhere else. In the summer, many boats navigate on the water, providing a unique look for your photos. After a 5-minute drive from the water, you will end up on the terrace of the vineyard overlooking Lake Léman. You can drive for 10 minutes and be on the top of the Mont-Pèlerin, from where you can see the entire lake and enjoy an amazing sunset, surrounded by Swiss nature. If you feeling adventurous, the Dent de Jaman is a great choice for a mountain peak.


The list is endless, as there are many gorgeous wedding venues in the region of Lavaux.

Here a non exhaustive list of some of my favorite wedding venues:

Clos de la République - a winery house with an incredible view.

Château de Glérolles - a gorgeous castle right at the water.

Le Château de L'Aile - a fairytale castle in the city of Vevey.

Le Baron Tavernier - one of the best terrace of the region.

Le Mirador - a high end hôtel, overlooking the lake.

Pré-Alpina - a gorgeous hôtel with a unique view of the Lake.

Tout un Monde - an intimate restaurant with a fine cuisine.

Domaine de la Crausaz - a winehouse with a spectular view.

Crêt-Bérard : a cute venue in perfect quietness

Hôtel du Léman : an elegant hotel with one of the best view you can find

Rent a boat

Not only can you enjoy the gorgeous view of the lake from high above, but you can also rent a historical boat for you and your guest to enjoy a summer afternoon. There are 5 different "Barques Historiques" on the lake you can find here.

Wedding in Lavaux Switzerland

If you are looking for a picturesque backdrop and wedding celebration in Switzerland, look no further than Lavaux. Between vineyards, the lake, and the mountains, you have so many options to choose from. Not only that, the wine culture is everywhere and you will be able to enjoy some amazing wine tasting during your stay here. Don't forget your swimsuit, the lake is an incredible natural pool!

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