A married couple during their wedding photoshoot
A married couple holding hands in Paris on their wedding day
The floral decor on a wedding day.
The Château Robernier in Provence.
A married couple on their wedding day during their photoshoot in Provence France.
A bride in her white dress on her wedding day, in a French Castle
A married couple walking down their wedding ceremony in front of a French Parisian Castle
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Hi, I am Fabien and I am a

Wedding photographer in Switzerland

and available worldwide.

A photographer being photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Fabien, I am a wedding photographer based in Vevey Switzerland and I shoot weddings all around the world with some of my most frequent destinations being Italy, France, and Spain.

Photography to me is more than just creating beautiful images, it is also a way to remember. To not forget. And since your wedding day is probably one of the most important day of your life gathering all the people you love, it is crucial to have those moments frozen in time.

Beyond creating timeless and beautiful pictures, my goal is to give you a stress-free, enjoyable and fun experience.

I'd love to know more about your wedding project and all of your wildest dreams for that big day.

I'd love you to get to know me a bit more as well :

Fabien Delétraz



Un couple de mariés qui s'embrasse






A couple hugging each other in the sea at the Amalfi Coast.
a couple kissing under their veil on their wedding day.

Elegant, soulful and

timeless moments frozen forever

a couple kissing under a veil on their wedding day.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

A couple kissing in a tunnel on their wedding day.

LEt's make something beautiful






Free & authentic


After crossing the line of shooting 150+ weddings in 2022, I can now gift you with my experience, by giving you vendor recommendation, tips and tricks, and especially, the peace of mind that all of these beautiful memories will be captured in their truest essence.

Even tho my style has a "fine art" and elegant touch, my goal is to make you feel the most comfortable possible. Instead of using poses, I will guide you, make you move and most importantly, enjoy yourselves. I believe there is beauty into being just as you are. You don't need to be anyone else, not even in front of the camera.

I started photography in 2012. From that day, I never stopped working on my craft, trying to capture memories in their truest form. As I was more of a corporate photography, I shot my first wedding in 2015. From that day, I knew I wanted to create meaningful memories that will last for a lifetime. Weddings became my passion.

My approach

Instead of feeling stiff, I want you to feel comfortable and free to be yourself.

I truly believe that being photographed should be an incredible and fun experience. Not only will you have great pictures of you, but you will also enjoy the moment and remember it as a highlight of your day.

Let's have fun!

a couple kissing by a tree on their wedding day.

Emma & Simon


Photos like in our dreams !!! I had an ideal in mind, inspirations on Pinterest and they were able to meet my expectations ... Thanks to them our marriage is immortalized in a magical way !!! Do not hesitate and trust them !!!!

a couple holding themselves on their wedding day in nature.

Jessie & POlo


Fabien and Sergio came to Spain to shoot my low-key wedding, and the pictures they took exceeded my expectations! They made a wonderful webpage where I could download all my pictures and made a video of my wedding. I’m so happy I chose them because they adapted to my budget and made all of my dreams come true! They are so natural behind the camera and made me and my husband feel so comfortable!
Thanks again for the magic you made!!

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A same sex couple on their wedding day on a beach in Greece.

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