Where to get married in Switzerland

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Switzerland has so much potential !

The beauty of Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are undoubtedly the most famous and spectacular landscape in Switzerland. With towering peaks, majestic glaciers, and picturesque alpine villages, the Swiss Alps are a must-visit destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You can't go far without seeing a mountain peek. Equally important, there is a big amount of lakes that give a very unique look to the landscape.

Finally, many vineyards can be found in every corner of the country, giving a very distinct look to the view.

Imagine getting married in such majesty ! It's possible !

Things to consider

Many things come into consideration when choosing the perfect wedding venue for you. For example, your needs will be different if you are wanting to host a brunch the day after. In that case, a venue that provides rooms is a big advantage. If you are wanting to have you celebration on a mountain peek, you might need to organise some sort of transportation.

1. Does the venue offer accommodations?

2. If not, are they any nearby hotels?

3. Is the place easily accessible?

4.If not, do I need to organise transportation for my guests?

5.Is there a plan B in case it rains?

6.Are they any close beautiful surroundings for our couple session with our photographer?

7.Is there any noise restriction after a certain time?

8.Can I choose my vendors and my wedding planner or does the venue impose certain people?

9.Can we get married at the venue or is it only for cocktails and reception?

10. Does the venue fits my style and my vision?

Some of my favorite venues

(In no particular order)

French part

German part

Now what?

Take note of every venue you love and get in touch. Ask all the questions you have and especially ask for their availabilities.

In most cases, their open dates will determine your wedding date.

Some will be already full every saturday. However, remember that you can also get married on weekdays and that venues are probably less busy during the week.

Next Steps

After finding your venue, we recommend you start looking for a photographer as their get booked up very quickly.

Make sure you find someone you really connect with and you fell in love with his images. Keep in mind that pictures are the only thing that will last after your big day! Therefore, photography should be a priority in your wedding planning.

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