Getting married in Switzerland? Here are some of my favorites wedding venues in Switzerland!

Switzerland is without a doubt a breathtaking place and a great location for a wedding celebration. Mountains can be seen at every corner and small historical villages are endless. Many things come into consideration in finding your perfect wedding venue in Switzerland.

This article will especially be focused on wedding venues around Lake Geneva.

How to choose

The surroundings

By choosing your location, we recommend you also think about its surroundings. If you are wanting to have a beautiful mountain backdrop for your portrait sessions, choosing a location that has such a view is important. Thankfully, mountains are everywhere in Switzerland, so you might just drive a little with your wedding photographer to get to that perfect backdrop. We recommend you choose a location that is not too far, 30 minutes at the most. If you are still wanting to have very a specific portrait session, let's say in the alps, we recommend booking your wedding photographer for a post-wedding session. Check out this one we did in the Alps.

Plan B

Even tho we really hope that you will have to most beautiful weather for your wedding, having a plan B never hurts! See if the venue has one, so if it rains and you want to stay dry, you will have the option to!


Before choosing your venue, you have to think about how many guests you want to invite. Some rooms have a capacity of 60+ while others can welcome 150+ guests. This depends if you are wanting to have an intimate celebration or a bigger one. If you are planning on having an elopement, check out our guide here.

Date availability

Venues get booked up pretty fast. Make sure it's the first thing you do as soon as you are planning! In most cases, venue availability will determine your wedding date. Because weddings are often happening on Saturdays, open dates are more limited. If your dream venue is booked, we encourage you to think about getting married on a week day. After booking your venue, start booking your wedding photographer, as the demand is pretty high.


If you are wanting to have brunch the next day or if you just want people to stay over, choosing a wedding venue with accommodation is a great choice. That way, everyone can enjoy the drinks and the party and doesn't have to drive back the same night. If your dream venue doesn't offer accommodation, you can also check if there are close by hotels.


Our top 4 favorite places :

La Porte des Iris

Location : Vullierens, near Lausanne

Website : La Porte des Iris

La Porte des Iris is a very well-known wedding venue in Switzerland and has much to offer. Surrounded by gorgeous fields and forests, it's the perfect place to celebrate your union in a peaceful place. Because of its surrounding, you do not need to leave the venue for your portrait session. You can go by foot to different gardens that make the perfect place for your couple photos.

Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne

Location : Ouchy, Lausanne

Website : Beau Rivage Palace

Situated right at Lake Geneva, the Beau Rivage Palace offers high-end services in a luxurious place. Offering SPA and great cuisine, it's a great place to celebrate and relax the day after. Its situation is also great if you want to have a walk by the lake and visit the city of Lausanne.

Château de Glérolles

Location : Saint-Saphorin, Lavaux

Website : Chateau de Glérolles

The very particularity of this castle is that it's right at the water of Lake Geneva. As you are saying yes to each other, boats are passing by, giving a very special feeling. Moreover, the water is on one side, the other side is filled with vineyards, which are protected by UNESCO.

Grand Hôtel Suisse Majestic

Website : Le Majestic

Situated in the well-known city of Montreux, the Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic provides a great place for beautiful celebrations. The balcony gives a stunning view over Lake Geneva and the main road of Montreux. Part of Broermann Health & Heritage Hotels, the Suisse Majestic never disappoints and provides a high quality experience. The big room is a great place for the wedding dinner and the balcony for cocktails. Thanks to its close natural surrounding, you don't need to drive far away to end up in the beautiful Vineyards of Lavaux.


Now that you have a better idea of what the region has to offer, quickly pick your favorite wedding venue in Switzerland one and ask for their availabilities!

It is time to find your photographer! You can visit our homepage to learn more about me right here.

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