Planning a The Dolder Grand Wedding: All You Need to Know

Perched way up high in the mountains above Zurich, nestled into hills of lush trees and greenery, the Dolder Grand sits proudly overlooking the sprawling valleys below. This grand hotel is a beacon of hospitality and respite away from the hustle and bustle of the world, a true breath of fresh mountain air. Whether you’re looking for a destination getaway or a destination wedding, The Dolder Grand is a magical venue with a distinct ambiance and an abundance of warm hospitality. If you’re contemplating a Swiss mountain celebration, here’s what to know about throwing a The Dolder Grand wedding

About The Dolder Grand Wedding Venue

The Dolder Grand & Curhaus first opened in 1899, designed to be “a place of relaxation and regeneration for people in the city in need of a rest.” It began as a seasonal hotel, and in 1924, it transitioned to a year-round establishment. During WWI and WWII, European royal families traveled to the Dolder Grand Hotel to escape the unrest of war, hosting elite guests like Winston Churchill. A new complex was added in 1964, and the addition drew even more attention from celebrities and dignitaries. While the hotel had its fair share of elite guests throughout the 20th century, it became obvious that the building was in need of significant renovations and updates towards the end of the 1990s. 

When the hotel was closed, all of its furnishings were sold, and any annexes constructed after 1899 were demolished. Most of the interior of the hotel was dug out and demolished, maintaining the original facade and reinforcing it with a steel frame. The building became completely updated and refinished, restoring it to its former glory. All while bringing everything up to code and comfortably accommodate contemporary guests. The new resort opened in April 2008 and has been a beacon of hospitality and Swiss beauty ever since. 

Details of the Grounds

After its reopening, The Dolder Grand has once again become an incredible place for hosting glamorous weddings and events. 

The oval ballroom is an architectural highlight of the hotel, known for its flexibility in creating dynamic seating arrangements. The dramatic cupola ceiling lights up in a variety of colors for a modern aesthetic. The perfect setting for dancing the night away on the parquet dance floor. An adjoining terrace allows your guests to get a breath of fresh air throughout your celebration. 

The Gallery is the largest event space. It features beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, a clean, contemporary aesthetic, and unique lighting that changes to practically any color. It’s a great space for a sleek ceremony or a stylish reception. 

Another popular wedding space is one of the libraries, which feature a clean and “distinctly British flair.” Cozy fireplaces, artwork, and antiques add a beautiful charm to intimate weddings and elopements celebrated with your closest family and friends. 

Photography Opportunities

While the Dolder Grand Hotel wedding venue has always been esteemed for its five-star hospitality, its scenic views and stunning architecture are definitely a part of its legacy. We’ll take portraits on terraces overlooking the valleys below and utilize the historic hotel as a feature in the background. Beautiful gardens and landscaping are ideal photo backdrops, too. Inside, we’ll find plenty of cozy, unique corners, grand staircases, and epic architecture to feature in one-of-a-kind photos that feel like quintessential luxury. 

Wedding Details

The Dolder Grand is home to a team of event specialists whose job is to make sure that every detail of your wedding day is perfect for you. They’ll handle everything from menu tasting to decor, all the way to honeymoon planning. Your wedding will also include an overnight stay in the honeymoon suite, as well as a return stay on your anniversary one year later. Your wedding will give sophisticated gala vibes while still maintaining your unique style and personality. 

The Dolder Grand Wedding

A The Dolder Grand wedding honors the hotel’s legacy of hospitality and remarkable beauty. If you’re looking for a venue that is full of grandeur, history, and esteem, consider The Dolder Grand Hotel. Let me help you capture every moment of your wedding day. As your photographer, I make sure to capture every detail. So you can relive the most incredible day of your life over and over and over again.

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