Plan Your Wedding Day at the Schloss Oberhofen Castle

On the banks of Lake Thun, practically hovering over the water, Schloss Oberhofen, or Oberhofen Castle, stands as a beautiful beacon of Switzerland’s history. What was once a grand home of the city’s most elite families today serves as a museum that shares the castle’s story and legacy with visitors from around the world. Its magnificent terraces, panoramic views, and grand - yet cozy - interior make it an ideal place for a wedding…maybe even your wedding! 

About The Schloss Oberhofen Castle Venue

Schloss Oberhofen is a beautiful castle that dates back to around the year 1200. It passed from family to family for centuries, housing some of the city’s wealthiest and most elite citizens. It was converted into a summer residence in 1844 and purchased by an American lawyer in 1926, who ultimately donated the castle and the surrounding parks to a historical foundation in the 1940s. Schloss Oberhofen opened to the public as a residential museum in 1954. 

Fifty-five years later, in 2009, Oberhofen Castle became independently owned and operated once more. Today, it serves as a private museum that gives visitors a peek into the castle’s life and history while hosting beautiful events. It’s also been home to the Schloss Oberhofen restaurant since 2013. 

While the castle is a gorgeous destination, the parks are renowned for their beauty. Paths, meadows, trees, and artistically designed floral beds all set a beautiful scene against views of Lake Thun and the surrounding mountains. It’s a truly beautiful place to marry the love of your life.  

A groom kisses the forehead of his bride while standing in a field

Details of the Grounds

At Oberhofen Castle, there are plenty of spaces that you can utilize for a wedding that is as unique as your love story.

You can say “I do” on a gorgeous terrace overlooking Lake Thun and the distant mountains when exchanging your vows. Sheltered by garden trees and surrounded by vibrant landscaping, your ceremony will be rich in natural beauty. You can also exchange your vows in the castle’s Chapel, an intimate space with an arched ceiling decorated with ancient wall paintings. 

The castle terraces are also ideal for a lively cocktail hour with your guests overlooking the panoramic views. When you’re ready to celebrate, Summer Hall is a wonderful gathering space for a reception. Its rich wood-paneled walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and elegant touches like draperies and chandeliers add a classic elegance to the room. The Dining Room is another stately indoor option, with Mahogany paneling, stained glass windows, and a carved and molded ceiling that embraces the historic castle aesthetic. 

Newlyweds hold each others faces as they lean in for a kiss under a veil at their Schloss Oberhofen Castle

Photography Opportunities

Photos at Oberhofen Castle perfectly capture the balance of nature, romance, and history the castle encompasses. We’ll take plenty of portraits on the terraces with the water sparkling in the background, maybe with some boats passing by in the distance. The castle gardens look perfect for pictures, too, featuring beautiful trees and florals that have been lovingly tended for centuries. 

Inside, the castle’s characteristic features and architecture are perfect for more formal, stately photos that celebrate this unique venue where you’ve chosen to start the next chapter of your love story. 

Wedding Details

Oberhofen Castle offers a variety of wedding packages to suit your needs and create the wedding of your dreams. They are rather flexible in their planning and can work alongside you to ensure everything is how you envision it. Their in-house restaurant, Restaurant Schloss Oberhofen, handles all of the catering, ensuring your first meal as a married couple is as delicious and romantic as your wedding day itself. 

Check Out the Schloss Oberhofen Castle for Your Big Day!

Schloss Oberhofen, or Oberhofen Castle, is an amazing venue for a wedding that aims to capture the beauty and history of Switzerland. Let yourself feel swept up in the castle’s gardens, grandeur, and unbelievable views for a wedding day as perfect as you deserve.

I’d love to help you capture your Schloss Oberhofen Castle wedding day as your photographer! So, take a look at my work to get a sense of my unique artistic style, and if you think it matches your aesthetic, let’s chat! I’m sure we’ll make a great team.

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