Experience A Real Royalty Wedding at Chateau D’Aigle

Sometimes, it’s not enough to want to feel like royalty on your wedding day; sometimes, you need the full storybook castle experience to bring your dreams to life. Chateau d’Aigle is an incredible 14th-century castle in Switzerland that offers a beautiful venue for a wedding celebration surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and quaint, picturesque villages. If you’re ready for your royal moment in the spotlight, you have to keep scrolling to learn more about Chateau d’Aigle

About The Chateau d'Aigle Wedding Venue

Chateau d’Aigle has a remarkable history that dates back to the 12th century when the original Fortress was constructed to protect the entrance to the valley. Several hundred years later, the Bernese Family leveled and rebuilt the castle to their liking. In 1978, the Vaud Revolution drove out the Bernese, and the Canton of Vaud proclaimed its independence within Switzerland. The castle was acquired by the Commune of Aigle. From 1804 to 1972, the castle was home to the seat of the court, as well as the region’s prisons. In 1972, a campaign of cultural restoration transformed the castle into a place of conviviality, eventually becoming home to a new restaurant and, ultimately, the Vine, Wine, and Wine Label Museum!

Today, much of the castle’s structure is original to its 15th-century roots, as it stands tall, surrounded by ancient cobblestone paths, beautiful hills covered in rolling vineyards, and mountainsides blanketed in trees. It’s still a celebration of the region’s rich and historic art of winemaking, with plenty of room for hosting epic and unique events. 

Details of the Grounds

Chateau d’Aigle offers a wedding experience that is totally unique, with ancient castle vibes. It can host events for anywhere from 30 to 220 people year-round and at any time of day. They have several different event spaces that can be used to curate your perfect wedding day however you see fit. Here’s a quick run-down of the available spaces. 

The Excellencies Hall is the largest event space, located in a separate building that used to be the barn of Chateau d’Aigle. The room can accommodate up to 220 guests and is accessible by elevator. A stone tile floor and a ceiling lined with rich wooden beams add rustic charm, and a large fireplace at the far end of the room roars to life in winter months to keep the space warm. 

The Salle des Communes is a gorgeous space for weddings with up to 200 people. The room has gorgeous wooden floors, walls of windows overlooking the surrounding vineyards and hillsides, and other antique details. The Armorial Hall is a more intimate space that can accommodate up to 80 guests and features murals of the Bernese coats of arms, period furniture, and historic touches like large wooden doors and a gorgeous wooden ceiling. 

Photography Opportunities

Chateau d’Aigle is a beautiful venue, and it lends itself to gorgeous photos. The surrounding vineyards and hillsides are stunning backdrops in photos, bringing a beautiful freshness and brightness to pictures. The exterior of the castle is also ideal for photos, with stony courtyards and terraces and arched wooden doors and windows. You’ll look strikingly elegant against such a charming and rustic backdrop, capturing the authentic history of this unique castle venue.

Wedding Details

Your Chateau d’Aigle wedding can include a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in one location. Accommodations for your guests are available in nearby small towns or larger cities, and there are plenty of local activities around for them to enjoy while they’re in town. The events team at Chateau D’Aigle will help you put together the wedding of your dreams so you can feel like true royalty in a castle for the day. 

Enjoy A Stunning Vineyard Wedding At Chateau d'Aigle

Chateau d’Aigle is a beautiful venue with history, charm, and beautiful vineyard views. You’ll definitely want to be sure you book a great photographer who can help you capture every moment of this incredible day - and that’s where I come in! Reach out so we can connect!

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