Le Bijou Hotel: A One-In-A-Kind Wedding Experience

Le Bijou is revolutionizing not just Swiss hospitality but also global hospitality. It combines the best parts of staying in a luxury hotel with an Airbnb’s privacy and an apartment’s functionality. Combined with a unique virtual concierge service, it offers guests a one-of-a-kind getaway in some of Switzerland’s most exciting cities. In fact, their apartments are so gorgeous that you can even get married in one - and with the help of their incredible event planners, your wedding can be anything you dream it to be. Please keep reading to learn how Le Bijou Hotel is revolutionizing how people are having their weddings! 

A bride leans in to kiss her groom with a hand on his neck at their Le Bijou Hotel

About The Le Bijou Hotel Wedding Venue

Le Bijou began with an idea in 2009 when founder Alexander Hubner launched a high-end Airbnb in Zurich. He had a vision of creating a place for guests that combined the exclusivity of apartment living with the quality standards of a hotel - but fully automated and utilizing state-of-the-art technology. He began to open multiple sites throughout the city and quickly received celebrity endorsements and acclaim from elite guests. Today, Le Bijou is a thriving network of accommodations throughout Switzerland’s most desirable city neighborhoods. 

Le Bijou selects the finest apartments in cities and furnishes them with their contemporary Swiss design. You can rent them for a long-term stay, a vacation, or even just a day if you plan on hosting an event. Their gorgeous, modern aesthetic honors Swiss quality and attention to detail. It incorporates fine wooden flooring, Italian tiles, and award-winning designer furnishings. Each apartment is a truly luxurious and unique space that allows you to escape the mundane details of everyday life. 

What sets Le Bijou apart is its digital concierge system, James, which offers efficient check-in, access to private dining and spa services, and anything else you might need throughout your stay. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, James can deliver. 

Details of the Grounds

A wedding at Le Bijou can be whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s an intimate elopement or a week-long celebration, the Bijou will connect you with the best planners, designers, chefs, and entertainers to help you create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. You can prepare for the big day in one of their luxury apartments, pampered by award-winning makeup and hair artists coordinated by your event planner. After that, the sky is the literal limit. Whether you want to take a sunset cruise across Lake Zurich or walk barefoot onto an island in the middle of a lake, they will help you make your wildest wedding fantasies a reality. Le Bijou Hotel can also connect you to some of the area’s gourmet chefs, bold entertainers, revolutionary mixologists, and whomever else can help your day be uniquely you.

Photography Opportunities

Photography opportunities are limitless when it comes to a wedding at Le Bijou. Since your wedding can take you to some of the most incredible places around Switzerland with the help of their incredible coordinators, we can take photos wherever you like! Additionally, they decorate their apartments so beautifully that even an intimate portrait shoot indoors can offer exceptional and romantic pictures. Picture yourself curled by a sleek, modern fireplace or enjoying cocktails on a patio with friends under the stars! We’ll find many ways to capture wedding photos unlike any you’ve seen. 

Wedding Details

Once your wedding has ended, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you aren’t far from your home away from home. Whether you’re being chauffeured around the city or have been celebrating in your cozy luxury apartment all along, there’s nothing quite like ending the day in one of the city’s most acclaimed retreats. Join your guests for a recovery brunch the next day, or escape to enjoy a little time with just you and your brand new spouse. Living the luxury lifestyle doesn’t end after your wedding day; as long as you’re a guest at Le Bijou Hotel, you’ll always be the director of your experience. 

Your Uniquely Beautiful Wedding Awaits at Le Bijou Hotel

Le Bijou Hotel is so much more than a place to stay; its unique apartments are so beautiful that you could host your wedding in one. Check out their website for more information and for a list of cities where you can find their accommodations. 

Then, let’s chat about everything you envision your wedding to be and how we can bring your incredible wedding album to life wherever you are!

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