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Hi, I am Fabien and I am a

Wedding photographer in Switzerland

and available worldwide.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Fabien, I am a wedding photographer based in Vevey Switzerland and I shoot weddings all around the world with some of my most frequent destinations being Italy, France, and Spain.

Photography to me is more than just creating beautiful images, it is also a way to remember. To not forget. And since your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life gathering all the people you love, it is crucial to have those moments frozen in time.

Beyond creating timeless and beautiful pictures, my goal is to give you a stress-free, enjoyable and fun experience.

I'd love to know more about your wedding project and all of your wildest dreams for that big day.

I'd love you to get to know me a bit more as well :

Fabien Delétraz


There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

LEt's make something beautiful

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